DES Series Developing/Etching/striping

DCT fast & easy developing/etching/Striping equipment, according to different chemical solutions, divided into EU/DU/ SU series. They can be used in PCB precision etching lines, high resolution developing, dry film striping, surface micro etching, brown, etc. DES series are suit for Flex PCBs, rigid PCBs, Flex-rigid PCBs, SMT stencil etching, and shell processing.


Innovative vertical drive spray technology

Thanks to the innovative Vertical spray technology DES series are able to make high quality fine line to 50 µm

Intelligent transmission times setting

Four modes, easy to use, no need to chemical analysis, suitable for non-continuous production

Suitable for processing many kinds of materials

Non-contact fixture, also suitable for flexible material

environmental friendly and high safety

No need water-wastewater system, Curtain design for protection

Product parameters

Min. insulation width

50 μm

50 μm

75 μm

Max. Board size

300×400 mm

600×600 mm

305×230 mm


30 PNL/h

20 PNL/h

20 PNL/h

Max. board transfer speed

28 mm/s

28 mm/s


Transmission model

Vertical cyclic chain

Vertical cyclic chain

Vertical reciprocating oscillation

Nozzle arrangement /number

Front and back each   side 4 nozzle groups

Front and back each   side 10 nozzle groups

Front and back each   side 6 nozzle groups

Spray pressure

Front and back 2kg/cm²

Front and back 2kg/cm²

Front and back 2kg/cm²

Temperature range




Heating power

1,000 W

3,000 W

1,000 W

Function module

Etching/developing/striping/micro etching,washing

Etching/developing/striping/micro etching,washing

Etching/developing/striping/micro etching,washing /OSP/dry


Working ambient




Power supply




Power consumption

2.5 kW

7.5 kW

5.2 kW

Dimension(W x H x D)

1,700×650×1,350 mm

1,800×700×1,450 mm

1,340×710×1,000 mm


140 kg

430 kg

230 kg